Monday, July 22, 2013

True Blood Recap: Don't You Feel Me?

A pivotal episode...

When we start, LaLa is still possesed by the former Mr. Stackhouse and is drowning Sookie:

Bill feels that Sookie is in distress, but since it's the daytime, he has to send Warlow out to save her. He saves her, and sends Lafayette on his way after Sook tells her dad to fuck off, forever. When Bill decides to summon Warlow back, Sookie takes him to the secret fairy place where Bill can't contact him.

Bill, concerned that he summoned Warlow too hard, went to look for Jessica and realized she was gone-and had been taken. He tries to contact Lilith, but she ignores him for now.

Back at the faerie wonderland, Sookie and Warlow are getting to know each other better. He makes her tie him up for her safety, then tells his life story; she makes fun of his attempted arranged marriage, he confesses he wants to be with her forever- if he turns her, then they can just feed off of each other for eternity and never have to hurt anyone again to feed.

Meanwhile, at vamp camp, Eric and Pam are facing off with the secret audience of Sarah, the Gov, Steve Newlin, and a few other creepers gleefully anticipating bloodshed. However, Eric and Pam have been around too long for reindeer games. Instead of attacking each other, they attack the two guards hiding out in the room. Eric peeks through a hole in the one way mirror and declares,"I see you Steve Newlin." So, that sounded ominous.

Last week we wondered if Alcide's dad would rat out Sam and Nicole, and he did, eventually. After some convincing from Nicole, Sam decided to call Martha and give Emma back to her. Martha promises to Sam that she is leaving the pack and will raise Emma alone. Alcide uses his nose to catch up to Sam and Nicole, and instead of killing them, threatens Sam to stay out of smell range of the pack-Shreveport, Bon Temps, basically Louisiana.
He is still a dick, but less so this week.

Terry shows up at LaLa's door with the key to his safe deposit box and a goodbye hug. It's obvious that he is getting his affairs in order. Lafayette makes a call to Arlene about this strange encounter, and she fears that Terry is going to commit suicide. She and Holly cook up a scheme to have a friend of a friend of a friend who is a vampire come and glamour Terry, so he can forget all about the war and the marines, and all the bad things that make him feel so guilty. It works.

Back at vamp camp, Jason has charmed his way up the ladder in vamp camp guard service by boasting about all of his exploits in killing vampires. Eventually, he winds up in the same room as Sarah Newlin. He threatens to expose her sexual history with him if she exposes him-he wants to save Jessica. Sarah gets back at him by making him observe Jessica in the copulation room.

However, the very cute vampire James declares that he is a vampire, not a rapist. He refuses to have sex with Jess and get UV burns for his trouble. There is no forced sex this day, but Sarah makes her point clear-she can make Jessica's life hell.

Vamp camp was busy. The Gov decided to torture Eric by sending his sister to him and making Eric watch while she slowly dies of poisoning. Then Gov decided to visit his daughter and she demands to be put in gen pop with the rest of the vamps. He relents, and she hooks back up with Tara,who is taking her under her wing.

Eric is tired of watching his sister die, so he summons Molly and they start trying to break out of the camp. Along the way, Eric discovers the True Blood facility, and that they are tainting the bottles with poison.
Can we talk about Eric's costumes this season? Love!

Back at Merlotte's, Terry is a happy, content, good guy. He takes the trash out and...
RIP Terry. Hope to see you as a ghost soon.

After a very unsatisfying confrontation with Lillith (and her bloody trio of merkin wearing minions) Bill decides he needs to wreck shop. He loads up on Warlows blood and takes a walk in the daylight, directly up to the Gov at vamp camp. After some pretty impressive displays of power (wow!) Bill demands info from Truman. Truman decides to be a martyr, and Bill ripping his head clean off. Wowsers.

Finally, Sookie gets tired of talking to Warlow and decides to jump his bones. They make fae-freaky-love where apparently you glow when you orgasm.
So...that's interesting. I wonder if that was some sort of ritual, since they shared blood. Guess we will find out next week!

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