Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Slashed by Tracy Wolff

In Slashed by Tracy Wolff, besties who have previously had a one night stand are months later still living in an awkward phase where each thinks the other isn't into them. Pro and semi pro winter sport athletes, Cam and Luc have crossed the line, and we get to see them try and come back together again.

Cam is a successful snow boarder and has lived life at home taking care of her dad, even when she could have moved out. But one day she comes home and the mother who abandoned her family 17 years ago is back. Despite the awkwardness between she and Luc, she runs to him for a place to stay when she gives her father an ultimatum. For Luc, Cam is home. He may not be as "talented" as his besties, who are all well respected athletes, but he has his own style that has worked for him. His happy place is being with Cam, and this gives him the opportunity to make her believe they can be together, even if she still has lingering feelings for their other friend, Z. What Luc doesn't know is that Cam has been over Z for a while, and would love to have Luc all to herself.

This was a great new adult read, very sexy and enough angst to keep you interested but not so much you feel put-out. Cam was strong and a very relatable heroine and Luc was a young and hot alpha/beta hybrid. My first read in this series, and I think I want to go back and read the others!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Clare and Rory are a delicious opposites attract couple; he is a hulking former MMA champ permanently sidelined by an injury and she is a quiet but strong woman with a mystery past. Their chemistry is both hot and cautious, which sounds weird but it worked so well!

Rory is dealing with a lot of pain. At the top of his game he suffered a debilitating leg injury and along with his depression came addiction. Rory comes from a close family that owns a gym and a tight neighborhood where everybody has known everyone since they were born. On the other hand, here comes Clare, a relative stranger and woman with no family. Since a lot of gym members hang out at the bar she works at, she develops an attraction and friendship with Rory that quickly turns into something much more.

I really enjoyed this book, and as advertised, anyone who is a fan of Katy Evans or Cecy Robson will enjoy it, too! (And there are more books to come!)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: The Bollywood Bride

I loved this second chance romance by Sonali Dev! Ria has a tragic past, but summers in suburban Chicago with her cousin Nikhil and his distant cousin Vikram got her through a challenging adolescence. Unknown to everyone in their circle, Vikram and Ria fell in love and had made plans for the future, but life made other plans. Years later, Ria is a Bollywood star who left her family behind, but of course she kept in touch with her surrogate parents; her aunt and uncle, Nikhil's parents. Nikhil is getting married, and Ria needs to come home.

When Ria returns and Vikram is there, the old feelings are obviously there, but the old bitterness over their breakup is still a living, breathing beast that lives within Vikram. These former lovers are strangers now, but Ria can feel the attraction that never left and she knows that acting on that passion leads nowhere. She is returning to her career, as it is, in Mumbai and Vikram will be in Chicago with his girlfriend. Except if things were that easy, there wouldn't be this delicious book to read.

Vikram is pissed at Ria, and at the way she left their relationship. He is truly swoonworthy, and everyone needs to meet him. Ria is a complex, sympathetic but strong character that I loved getting to know. The peek into the rich customs of the Indian culture were wonderful and there were more aunties than you could shake a stick at. This was easily one of my favorite books this year.

Review: Swings by Corbin Lewars

Some working women want it all; a fulfilling job, the perfect family, a great marriage. Stay at home mom Sadie has her world view expanded significantly when she meets John, a stay at home dad in a parent group of seemingly judgemental moms. He appears to have it all together; his daughter always looks great, he looks great himself, he is always out and about, and he never forgets anything in his diaper bag. He has a wife who works. He also has a girlfriend, and it looks as if he and his girlfriend may be seriously into Sadie. But is she into them?

Sadie's mid-mother crisis hits any mom who is at home and feels guilty about wanting to return to work. While this book doesn't answer questions about staying home versus being a working mom, the overall theme that I loved in reading it was that it was okay to make the choice that was best for you. Another theme was that if you have a partner, let them be a part of the process of bonding with your baby. Partners should be best friends, and adding a child in the mix tests your friendship to the max.

There were laugh out loud moments, seriously sexy moments, and extremely relatable moments for any wife or mother, best especially for those who have sought a walk on the wild side.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Owned by M. Never

Owned is a dark erotica with kidnapping, sexy times, bondage, and lots of danger. Part one of a series, I can't wait to see what comes next for Ellie and Kayne!

Execute Assistant Ellie Stevens has had a longtime crush on client Kayne Roberts. Whenever he comes by the office to meet with her boss, the sparks fly, and on a night that seemed like they would cross the line from professional to personal, Kayne kidnaps her and forces her to become his personal sexual slave.

Kayne is a businessman and much more than that, we realize. He is a BDSM Master, and has taken Ellie on as his personal slave; however he also runs an exclusive BDSM brothel where the women there are employees by choice and well taken care of. We get that Ellie is special to him for more than the standard reasons, and a sinister underworld acquaintance is to blame.

Owned is the real deal. It is gritty, gratuitous, adventurous, and erotic. All in all, captivating storytelling and there is more to read!