Sunday, April 24, 2016

Review: After the Hurt by Shana Gray

Pepper took a break from life after her mother passed away; as a result she left behind a hunky husband, Tank, and a new business they were going to start together, a restaurant. Now that she has had six months to find herself, she finds her way home to get back into her life. Understandably, Tank is hurt and pissed and not really interested, despite the fact that he loves her.

There were some confusing things going on here in this book. There was a lot of internal monologue, which almost made sense considering Pepper's personality, but ultimately not what we want to read about. Pepper and Tank did have some nice chemistry, and I appreciated a story about characters who weren't spring chickens as it were. I would have liked to read about more interactions between the characters and less of Pepper's internal ramblings. Tank was a very interesting man, as well as his friends, and there seems to be some great storytelling opportunities there!

Review: Hold Me Down by Jackie Ashenden

Hold Me Down (The Deacons of Bourbon Street, #3)In the third installment of the Deacons of Bourbon Street series, Jackie Ashenden gets her turn as author in this MC erotica, set in the heart of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Blue and Red have some hot chemistry; what they do isn't exactly's more like fear-fucking. They can acknowledge their carnal attraction, but the heart of their attraction is actually their years old friendship and the hurt that both of them suffered because of circumstance.

Blue, aka Leon Delacroix, was sent away ten years ago by then president Priest. Now he has returned to avenge Priest's death. Blue has been laying low in the bayou, and the person he missed the most was Ally, called Red because of her hair. They were best friends; her father was a Deacon as well and passed away while Blue was exiled. While Blue was away, the Deacons lost their clout and the Graveyard Ministry moved in to their territory. Red's father became the Ministry mechanic and Red pledged her loyalty to the Ministry when her father died.  Now it looks like evidence of Priests death is pointing in the direction of the Ministry, and Blue and Red need to work together to make sure an all out war doesn't explode all over Bourbon Street. Enjoyable read!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sin and Suffer by Pepper Winters

Sin & Suffer (Pure Corruption MC, #2)In this sequel we resume where e left off with Kill seriously injured and Chloe kidnapped. I loved the connection these two had in their unconventional first romance, so I looked forward to reading this next entry, especially considering the cliffhanger we were left with. It was another twisty, turny, unconventional read with plenty of sexy action between our passionate lovers.

No spoilers here of course, but as Pepper Winters unveiled more of the mystery and unknown backstory of Kill and Chloe we fall more in love with them. Their history and young love story was beautiful and tragic; the current events are brutal and adventurous, but the twists about the future are mind blowing and completely unexpected. What a tangled web, and what plans for the future have been imagined!

Kill is a bad ass, Chloe is a fierce fighter, and their connection is everything. Another great and unexpected entry. I hope to read more about this MC, even if Kill and Chloe's HEA has happened, and of course, I'm always happy to read more from Pepper Winters.

Fight to the Finish by Jeanette Murray

Fight to the Finish (First to Fight, #3)Kara and Graham have been circling around each other for a while, and Graham is tired of waiting, he decides to go for it and Kara's defenses stand no chance against his charm. In Fight to the Finish, these friendly acquaintances turn into hot lovers!

I enjoyed this book a lot. Kara was a single mother with a difficult ex-husband and a tween with severe allergies. Graham happens to be a boxing Marine with a law degree. Their chemistry was pretty hot, and while the side story with the vandals was just ok, I really got into the struggle that Kara had as a mom trying to do right by her son and how her connection to Graham affected her. Graham was a gentleman with an edge, super sexy, and while he was respectful always to Kara, he was in steady pursuit of her and became her champion at some points. Very well written, and a good read!

Giving it All by Kati Wilde

Giving It All (Hellfire Riders MC, #8)In this Christmas slice of life story, the Hellfire Riders have a marker that needs to be repaid; Red asked for a favor from another club back when he was a Steel Titan and the Riders theoretically should pay up. When Saxon finds out what the favor was, he decides to pay up, but it is testing his emotional strength.

I do love Saxon and Jenny. I feel for her in this book, dealing with Red and then having to deal with this "problem" the club has taken on for a short time. I always enjoy a check in with them. Saxon loves her better than he loves himself, and that makes me love him more. There are plenty of great couples in the Motorcycle Clubs books, but Saxon and Jenny always have a special spot!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

ARC Review: Breaking it All by Kati Wilde

Breaking It All (Hellfire Riders MC, #7)Gunner has been in love with his best friend and MC brother's sister, Anna, for ten years now. Because of his past the potential for Anna to be fataly injured, he keeps his distance romantically. However, when his best friend goes missing he has to take Anna to the very past he has been avoiding.

This was a full length novel in the typically novella-length world of The Motorcycle Clubs. It started out slower than I wanted it to (mostly because I was used to shorter reads), but the finish was big and so worth the buildup in the beginning. Gunner and Anna were a sexy, tortured couple, which is my favorite type of relationship to read about. Gunner's history paired with Anna's was fascinating, and their dynamic was sizzling hot together. A great read if you love the MC world!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First Look: One with You by Sylvia Day at Heroes and Heartbreakers!

One With You by Sylvia DayI love when I get to read great books by authors I love!

One with You is out TODAY and I did an exclusive First Look over at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

Check out the NON SPOILER review, then come on over to the SPOILER side and dish with me!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review: Captive Ride

Captive Ride Captive Ride by Ella Goode
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a short and sweet novelette about Amy, an attorney, and Flint, the Vice President of the Death Lords MC. Flint has been watching over Amy for years, and has decided that he is tired of waiting for her to come to him. As her sort of guardian angel for the past several years, he knows everything about her, including some intimate things she doesn't know he knows. Flint and Amy are a hot couple and this was an easy, sexy read.

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