Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: Craving Trix: The Aces' Sons

Craving Trix: The Aces' Sons Craving Trix: The Aces' Sons by Nicole Jacquelyn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The next generation of The Aces is here, and damn if this read didn't make me want to go back and reread the whole series from start to finish. This MC as a whole has dealt with a lot, and individually we know most of their stories. Trix, Dragon's daughter, has followed around Cameron, Casper's adopted son, since she arrived at the compound with her mom Deanna. Over the years her feelings for Cam blossomed into love, but Cam wouldn't allow a romance since he was several years older. Now that they are on an even playing field as far as age is concerned, and a threat is pulling everyone in to be safe, Cam aka Hulk has decided it's time for him to claim Trix, her hurt feelings over the past be damned.

So many things I loved about this book; Nicole Jacquelyn made the fictional world of an MC come alive with sharp doses of realism and romance. I fell in love with Cam and Trix, and can't wait to see what the rest of these second/third generation Aces get up to.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

ARC Review: The Bourbon Kings

Folks, we aren't in Caldwell, NY anymore, and as much as I have loved that world, the deep, rich, melting pot of the south is an awesome place to be. Anyone who has southern relatives or has spent some time in the south will easily recognize and appreciate the old wealth, the nouveau riche, the mistrust of anyone born above the Mason-Dixon line, and the particular opulence that the south still manages to capture in the wealthy and affluent families of, in this case, Kentucky. The Bourbon Kings is a love letter to the land where northerner JR Ward transplanted. Fans of the BDB series will recognize her style and love it, while those fatigued with the BDB story lines will find a refreshing newness (think Downton Abbey in modern American south) in this non-paranormal offering.

Lizzie King is the head gardener for the wealthy Bradford family's Easterly estate. The extensive gardens are akin to a national park; her credentials include a post graduate degree from an Ivy League school. Even still, she is the "help" and two years ago she went against everything she believed in and got involved with the brash and distractingly attractive Tulane Bradford, middle son. After he promptly broke her heart, he ran away to New York and hasn't been back to the estate since, however, he runs back when he hears that a beloved one is ill. He extends his visit to take care of some personal business, most notably getting Lizzie back. Then the deaths start. And lots of other crazy things. And through it all, Lane and Lizzie get a second chance to make their relationship work despite it all.

I enjoyed this so much! I'm very excited to read what comes next in this series, and it made me miss the south (or at least southern men) something awful.

If you don't know about JR Ward, she is a master world builder and uses multiple story lines to build and move the story along. She does the same here, but the world is tight enough that the additional story lines are relevant and interesting. They plant the seeds early for future books to the reader's delight, and as for the main couple? The WARDen keeps us hanging on until the very end.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

ARC Review: Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters

I love a good MC book, but I also love a good twist, and I pretty much got both with Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters. The point of view of this story is told mostly but the amnesiac heroine but with healthy dollops of the hero's input as well. This unique take on the MC story is a true page turner as the mystery to the heroine's identity is discovered bit by bit through small revelations. The hero's true intentions and background are revealed bit by bit as well, and the final unveiling of their histories is grand indeed.

We officially meet Arthur "Kill" Killian as the President of the Pure Corruption MC when he formally introduces himself to the six women he is in charge of trafficking. One of them, our heroine, has amnesia so she doesn't know who she is or how she was taken, but one look in Kill's eyes, and she knows that she knows him somehow. And the flicker of recognition he gives her leads her to believe that he knows her as well.

This story is an emotional journey through memories, love, hate, revenge, steamy sex, and back again. What a story! And it's not over; part two will be out later this year. If you are looking for something hot and unexpected, this is just what the doctor ordered!