Monday, July 29, 2013

Lingerie Wars: A PG-13 Read

Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1)Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1) by 
This was a book that was full of odd ducks and hilarious characters. I totally found myself smiling as I read it, even when I wanted to roll my eyes.

This was a contemporary story set in a small Scottish town, but it was a classic fade-to-black romance (in that it faded to black when it got to the bow-chicka-wow-wow parts.) I don't always need smut, but the lead ins to the sex scenes were so hot, it was a disappointment not to get more information, especially when the characters were really active (once they decided to be, anyway.)

Kirsty Campbell is a former lingerie model but current lingerie store owner. The only other competition in town is a store owned by Lake Benson and ran by his sister Rainne(short for Rainbow. They were raised in a commune.) Lake wants to turn the failing shop around and sell it so he can get his investment back and start a security company with an old Special Forces pal of his, and he turns this Lingerie War into a town-wide spectacle. They are extremely attracted to each other, and hijinks ensue.

This is not my usual read, and it took me a long time to plow through it, partly because I feel like it could have been a short story as opposed to a full length novel, but I did enjoy it once I got to the second half, and then I read right through. Fun pg-13 read.

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