Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ARC Review: Meet Your New Fifty Shades- A Million Dirty Secrets

A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet, #1)A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet #1)

It seems like a lot of books in the past couple of years promise to be the next Fifty Shades or Bared to you. Usually they are wrong. A Million Dirty Secrets (another story that started out as Twilight fan-fic), however, actually delivers on this promise - provided you stick around after the first two chapters.

The premise of this book is compelling-a young woman decides to whore herself our for two years to the highest bidder in an elite underground sex slave/escort auction to pay for her terminally ill mother's medical bills. She also happens to be a virgin (on a personal note, virgins in contemporary settings bother me because usually they are written too innocent to be believable.) She meets her millionaire, and they fall in love, Pretty Woman style.

At the opening if the book, you meet Lanie Talbot on the way to the auction to  sell herself for two years. Her mother needs a heart transplant and her father quit work to take care of her full time. At the auction, a bidding war between a mysterious man and a Jabba the Hut creeper ends with the mystery man paying a cool 2 million dollars for Lanie for 2 years of "service". The winner is multimillionaire Noah Crawford, who decided on a whim that buying loyalty for two years was better than being betrayed by the one you love.

The first two chapters are a challenge because despite her noble intentions, Lanie is not very likable. She decides to auction herself off as a live-in escort, but doesn't prepare and balks at the idea of performing sex acts. She is snappish and bratty with Noah, and considering what he could be doing to get his rocks off, it annoyed me. A lot.

However, after the first two chapters, Noah gives as good as he gets from Lanie, and their relationship is at it's hottest when they are fighting-Noah loves it, and so it makes sense for Lanie to behave the way she does because it turns him on.

This book was written with a lot of wry humor, some inner monologue that will be familiar to Fifty Shades fans, and it was a treat to read events through Noah's POV. These two were hot, and I believed it when they started to fall in love.

This is a two part story, so there will be another book after this one. I am definitely looking forward to the conclusion of the story of Lanie and Noah.

4 stars.

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