Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Final Beyond: Beyond Surrender

In Beyond Surrender, the princess of the O’Kanes has finally met her HEA, and really, would anyone do except the leader of another Sector?

Nessa has been making bootleg O’Kane liquor for Dallas O’Kane since she was practically a tween. She is the “little sister” of every inked O’Kane, and that makes finding a proper mate tough. In fact, Nessa has resigned herself to the reality that maybe finding a happily ever after wasn’t necessarily in the cards for her. Then came Ryder, the leader of Sector 5.

With war at their doorsteps, the Sectors have banded together to take on the crooked politicians running Eden, which means that the man with a plan, Ryder, has been spending a lot of time with Dallas and the O’Kanes in Sector 4. As it happens, Ryder also wants to spend a lot of time with Nessa.

Nessa and Ryder have a lot more in common than it appears on the surface; they are both considered heirs of their sectors, Ryder as the protege of Mac Fleming in Sector 5 and Nessa as the little sister brought up under the wing of the so-called King and Queen of Sector 4, Dallas and Lex. They are also polar opposites in the hottest way; Ryder is literally tall, dark, and handsome and Nessa embodies a colorful sprite with her multi-hued hair and short stature. Their chemistry is smoking hot, and you will cheer for them the whole way through. How many times did I wish a Ryder would waltz into my life while reading this book. Whew!
I have been a card-carrying  super fan of Kit Rocha’s Beyond series ever since the first book, Beyond Shame, came out. I had my O’Kane flask on hand while reading! I have always loved the dystopian backdrop, multicultural characters, rich world-building, and the underlying theme of empowerment and autonomy over your own wants, desires, and loves. It’s hard to believe that after 9 books (and many novellas) this great series is coming to an end. Beyond Surrender is a beautifully written and emotional end to the Beyond series. I console myself with the knowledge that life in the Sectors will continue through the new series, Gideon’s Riders. Sector 1 promises to be as compelling as Sector 4 and I can’t wait; I know for a fact it’s worth it.

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