Monday, July 8, 2013

True Blood Recap: At Last

Interesting episode this week...

When the episode opens, Jason looks like he is at death's door-his pulse is weak and Sookie has run to call 911. While she is gone, Weird Hot Guy Ben ponders over Jason's body and come to a decision. He saves Jason by sprouting vampire fangs, biting himself, and feeding Jason his blood.

Quickest. Recovery. Ever.

Unfortunately for Jason, the side effects kick in and a)he has all this crazy energy and b) he has one of those freaky sex dreams about Weird Hot Guy Ben.

Meanwhile, Niall is out chasing Eric's Weird Sister, and she spouts some vampire bible crap-basically its going to be a Bill vs Warlow showdown. Then Niall and Eric's Weird Sister get into a fight and she gets taken down by the Governor's people. Oops.

Eric and Pam summon naughty Tara and find out where she stashed the Gov's daughter. Eric catches up to her and she begs Eric to let her help him. And taste his blood. So, he lets her, and turns her.
Then he sends her ass home to her father, where she interrupts some almost Creepy Sexy Times with her dad and Sarah Newlin. Unfortunately, while trying to convince her dad that vampires are people, too, she succumbs to the allure of her father's bloody injured hand he kept waving in her face. Sarah shoots her and tell Gov he has to send her to the camp.
Sinners have souls too, daddy!

Sam and crew escape the werewolves by the hair of their chinny-chin-chins. Lafayette has the getaway vehicle, and they roll the hell out.
Alcide still can't keep his bitch on a leash, but at least he is trying to be more of a leader. He is still a dick, tho.

Sam tells LaLa to buzz off and protect himself. Then he, Nicole, and Emma find a hotel room to catch some Z's. After a little confession and some whiskey, Sam and Nicole...
I love Sam, if for no other reason than the fact that he is always down with brown.

Bill and Jessica are stalking the Fae Four, who has gone from pre-teen brats to sorority bitches overnight. They get their opportunity to pounce when the girls decide to raid Aunt Arlene's closet and take daddy Sheriff's car joyriding. As they try to buy beer, Jessica intercepts them and asks if they want to party at her house-I mean, her dad is so totally cool!

Back at the ranch, Sookie finds some of Weird Hot Guy Ben's blood and figures out why Jason recovered so fast. She sets a plan in motion to get Weird Hot Guy Ben to her place and test him with some Shug Avery silver in his food.

Jason and Niall figure out that his freaky sex dream is because that damn Ben is half fae, half vamp. It must be Warlow! Then they confront him and lose spectacularly. To his credit, Ben/Warlow was that was fun. Jason got glamoured and instead of killing Niall, Ben/Warlow almost drains him of blood to weaken him. Then B/W gives Niall a touch of his own blood so he doesn't die, and throws him in the fae portal.

Sookie gets tarted up for her date, and lets B/W in even tho he was sooo late getting rid of her grandfather and stuff.
I'd fuck me.

He passes the Shug Avery silver test, and nothing happens. Sookie fucks on the first date, so they adjourn to the couch and start making out. Then she tells him, "Get the fuck off of me Warlow, or I'll kill you." Will her big ball of Fae. (I'm Just Saying-some crazy hybrid has been killing my family off for centuries, he doesn't get a warning shot. Whatever, Sook.)

Bill has been "humanely" gathering samples of the Fae Four so his kidnapped scientist can study it. Once they get bored of being poked and prodded, the Four decide to leave and Jessica stops them. She is overcome by the fae blood and ends up draining all four girls.

This was, of course, after she berated Bill earlier about not wanting the girls to get hurt. Poor Jess, she was inconsolable. Maybe they aren't dead...guess we will find out next week.
See you then!

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  1. Ok, I JUST watched this episode. SO GOOD! Jessica killed all 4 girls! So, devastating! Lol!

    Hey, I'd get with Ben/Warlow - he is HAWT.