Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review: Taking it All by Kati Wilde

Taking it All is the 2nd book in the Hellfire Riders MC series, and the 6th book in The Motorcycle Clubs series. Here we continue with the story of Saxon and Jenny. Their connection is just as strong, but this book proves how much they have and are willing to go for each other. Jenny's father is sick and wants to patch over his club to the Hellfire Riders before it's too late. It seems like a good deal all around. The Riders are already strong and bringing over the smaller club will make them even stronger. This is perfect for Saxon and Jenny, but because her father's club has some old bad blood with Saxon's club, some old feelings are being dredged up. The biggest issue? There is an old rule that the President's old lady must prove her worth to the club by having sex with the president in front of the club, and even allow them to join in. With Jenny's background of being sexually assaulted, Saxon is never going to make her do this, but he must convince his club that this is the best choice. Meanwhile, Jenny knows MC life being the princess of her dad's MC, and doesn't want her love to choose between the club and her. Would she be able to do what it takes to keep that from happening?

As always this was a hot, quick read. I love Saxon, and I love Saxon and Jenny together. Jenny was smart and knew her self worth, but also knew the stakes. Saxon exudes power without being a blunt hammer; and he loves his woman! Has loved her for a long time. Another sexy novella from The Motorcycle Clubs team!

Taking It All (Hellfire Riders MC #2) by 

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