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Review: The Motorcycle Clubs Erotic Novellas, Books 1

His Wild Desire Off Limits Wanting It All

So this is a little different, but I am digging it. The Motorcycle Clubs Erotic Novellas series is actually 3 MC series by three different authors set in the same world. Overall, these books are hot, raw, and kinkalicious. Fans of the MC book culture know that motorcycle clubs can be filled with wild and frank sexual antics of any kind. The first books of these three series makes good on that understanding and bring even more to the table. This is true erotica set in the MC world, which is one of my favorite worlds, but there is also love and romance, and of course, danger and a bit of violence. A perfect cocktail!

The first novella, His Wild Desire by Ella Goode, comes out of the gate with a bit of a taboo. Chelsea Weaver and her step-brother, Grant "Wrecker" Harrison, are in love. They have been since they were teenagers. Chelsea has major abandonment issues; she was barely raised by her single mom who ended up married to Wrecker's father Judge, President of the Death Lords MC, when Chelsea was 14. Shortly after, her mother took off and she was raised by Judge. Wrecker has been recently released from prison; he went to jail for manslaughter for fatally winning a fight against a guy from a rival MC (the white supremacist MC the Eighty-Eight Henchman.) Now that he is home, he wants to make things official with Chelsea. They live under the same roof with Judge, and Wrecker is tired of hiding their relationship. 

I don't know how Chelsea held out on Wrecker, because I couldn't have. He was sex on a stick, and the fact that their relationship could seem illicit because they were step siblings ramped up the desire and the kinkiness of it all. They were truly in love, and Wrecker was ready to shout it out and make her his old lady. I loved that! This was a great introduction to the overall series as well as the Death Lords series. 4.5 stars

The second novella, Off Limits by Ruby Dixon, introduces us to the Bedlam Butchers MC. Here's the thing about the Bedlam Butchers: They do everything in pairs. Yes, everything. Two Presidents, two VPs, etc. And when the partners decide to take a lover, they are tag teaming it. Lucky is (one of) the President's little sister. She has one of those ironic nicknames because she is actually bad luck; trouble follows her wherever she goes. However, she is dedicated to the Bedlam Butchers and is actually a great help with the books. She has also been eye-fucking Solo, a Butcher who's partner died two years ago. He hasn't picked a second Treasurer yet, and the club is losing patience. However, what Lucky doesn't know is that Solo has had his eye on her too, and when she is burning the midnight oil at the gym and the Henchmen attack the gym in search of her, Solo protects her...and does so much more.

Solo was a hard, sexy, slab of man. Despite Lucky's protests about bringing him bad luck, Solo claimed her unapologetically. The Bedlam Butchers are a different breed, and I really can't wait to read more about them! 4.5 stars

The third novella, Wanting it All by Kati Wilde, is about the Hellfire Riders MC. Jenny, whose father is the President of the Steel Titans, has a lot of guilt on her shoulders. When she was younger, Saxon Gray saved her from an attempted gang rape from the Eighty-Eight Henchmen. The main perpetrator was killed and Saxon had to serve 5 years on a manslaughter charge. Her father is dying of cancer; the Titans and the Riders are friendly with each other but there are still rules to navigate. When Jenny drops by a Riders bar, the Wolf Den, she knows she is courting trouble but she is willing to do that when she suspects that some Henchmen are following her on the highway. Saxon has wanted Jenny for a long time, and her guilt in his serving jail time has kept him from pursuing her. However, now times are changing and her father's MC may be making a deal with his MC that could change everything.

Saxon was a powerful, decisive, sexy man. He refused to blame Jenny for his jail time, and obviously wanted her, but he wanted her to want him with no reservations. Jenny was skittish, but Saxon laid everything on the line. Saxon refused to settle for less, and I loved him for it. 4.5 stars.

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