Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Double Trouble by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shy has a problem. Her psycho jerk of a brother is a snitch for the 88 Henchmen, a truly bad, bad MC. When she accidentally overhears a conversation too many, her brother puts her on notice that if she breathes a word to anyone, he is going to let the 88 rape her and kill her. Shy knows that not all MC guys are bad, but she figures she should go after the biggest and the baddest to keep her safe from her crazy brothers, so she goes to a panty raid that his MC, the Bedlam Butchers, are throwing. Beast and Muscle are the club enforcers, and she makes a beeline for Beast, knowing that he and Muscle are team. She just has to get over her stutter and her virginity to make it happen. Beast and Muscle are visually opposites; Muscle is muscularly lean with a pretty face, Beast is a huge hulking figure with a permanent scowl. They each have a past to overcome; they also can tell that Shy is afraid of something or someone.

This was a great read. Shy and Beast connected first, and despite his huge imposing demeanor, he proved to be a gentle giant. Muscle was the one who seemed so easy-going on the outside, but had issues from his past that kept him from connecting to Shy at first. Shy was shy, but she had a backbone of steel, and of course, there were plenty of sexy times to be had!

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