Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: Having it All by Kati Wilde

In the conclusion of the saga of Saxon and Jenny in the 3rd Hellfire Riders novella, happiness is just a dead Henchmen away. Saxon and Jenny are solid and hot as ever but the Henchmen came after them in a big way, and now Saxon won't rest until all of the racist bastards from the 88 Henchmen MC are dead and gone. The close call was too close for Jenny; growing up in an MC she knows that her man will take revenge seriously. If she steps in to take care of business her own way, Saxon will take it as a personal attack on his manhood. Jenny has to weigh whether she can live with Saxon alive and pissed at her or dead and just gone. However, with her father's health declining, she can't stand to lose Saxon, too. Their love is strong and lethal, and it's always great to have a SMART heroine. The boys (and lady!) in the Hellfire Riders are pretty badass as well.

Another great read in The Motorcycle Clubs series. Lily aka Zoomie and Blowback have been circling each other for a while now and maybe in the next novella we will find out why!

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