Monday, October 20, 2014

People Are Strange When You're a Stranger: A Walking Dead Rundown

First of all, how hot is Rick when he is in Ricktocracy mode? Really fucking hot. I would like to be frisked next, please and thank you.

I'm happy to see my people made it to the apocalypse, but when Rick takes almost all of them out on a walk, I feel like the group might be missing someone brown on the way back Old Yeller style.

This is so nasty.

And this dude is hiding something.

REALLY hiding something.

And Rick promises vengeance!

And these low down fuckers! I can't wait for them to die a horrible death!
You just gone eat my leg in my FACE though?

Here's hoping Morgan is going to help Rick's group. And Thelma and Louise over here going after Beth... It's too much. I'm gonna be jittery all week!

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