Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Reasons Everybody Hates Katrina: A Sleepy Hollow Rundown

We wouldn't love Ichabod if he wasn't the truly good man that he is. An annoying part of his goodness however, is his seemingly blind loyalty to his seemingly helpless wife, Katrina. Here are just a few reasons why everybody hates her.

1. As far as Ichabbie fans are concerned, she is in the way of the true love between the two true Witnesses, Ichabod and Abbie.

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2. How is it, exactly, that Katrina is so helpless? I call bullshit. And we are all on to her.

3. She can't be trusted. Every time she gets involved with Ichabbie business, it all goes to hell. Or Purgatory.

4. She totally still has a thing for Abraham. I saw her checking him out the other day. Ok, fine. LET ICHABOD GO! She and old Headless have some great chemistry.

5. She is a liar. She tells Headless one thing, Ichabod another, and Henry something else. She wins the side eye award of the decade. FINALLY Abbie lays it out on the line for Ichabod.

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