Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Katrina Finally Pulls a Spell Out of Her Ass: A Sleepy Hollow Rundown

Katrina has proven to be the damsel in distress just a few times too many, especially considering her reputation as an all powerful witch. Last night, Ichabod's past came back to haunt him...and her!

Ichabod is so adorable. He couldn't tell Miss Caroline had the hots for him, and accidentally intimated that Abbie was his wife. #Awkward #Ichabbie #MrsWhoWhatNow

And this gallant bow, though!
But then that poor woman gets killed by The Weeping Lady. Meanwhile Katrina pulls a spell out of her ass to send Ichabod a love letter that was neither helpful nor contained any relevant information.

However, the Weeping Lady attacked Abbie(!) who drowned (!) in the library.

Ichabod doesn't know about CPR so Hawley to the rescue (hey boo!)

Turns out the Weeping Lady is Ichabod's ex girlfriend...who couldn't quite deal with the breakup.

She even met Katrina back in the day, and hates her more than America does. So, she understandably tries to kill her. Katrina pulls another spell out of her ass.

And now the Weeping Lady is really dead. But before she croaks, she point the finger at Katrina...say what? Turns out that when Beth, Ichabod's ex, was supposed to leave town, she had a confrontation with Katrina that ended in Beth's death.

 Yet ANOTHER lie from Katrina, and Ichabod is starting to feel some type of way about it. Also turns out these two have a sexy history. Awkward since he's totally trying to bone Abbie (back off hottie!)

And Henry pissed off Moloch trying to show off with his attack on Katrina via the Weeping Lady. Serious daddy issues.

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