Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Rundown: Scandal

Scandal returned tonight! A fantastic episode to get us ready for the rest of the season. Woohoo! Thoughts:
1. Sally Langston ain't shit. She was much more fun in Big Trouble in Little China.

2. Leo Bergen is deliciously evil. Every smile, every frown is pure malice and genius. Eat your heart out Cyrus, you are getting old!

3. Finally found out who Adnan is. I'm not sure, but I think Harrison is afraid of her vagina? She's awfully prettyful!

4. Fitz started out on 10, clowning everyone, including Liv. Annnnnd he basically didn't stop the whole episode. Buuut he didn't keep his hands to himself, either.

5. Rowan put all y'all mofos on notice: He is coming, and hell is coming with him.

6. Mellie to Liv: Get your own man, at least in public.

 Liv to the Grants: Have y'all met Jake?

7. Quinn still ain't shit. Remember how this felt Quinn?

Stop playing with Charlie. Idiot.

8. Hell hath no fury, Cyrus. James and David are wearing the white hats and they are gunning for you! Although, James may want to up his firewalls.

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