Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Rundown: Once Upon a Time

Tink: Oh heeeey Baby, I mean, Bae, how you dooooing?
Neal: Yeah, that's not my name anymore...and no. But nice to see ya!

Oh lawd, these two. So they find Pandora's Box...

...promptly get jacked for it...

...because the Darlings don't give a shit just like the Honeybadger...

...but Good actually wins them over, so Ariel tells Rumple and Regina to save their sister Wendy:
 Regina isn't impressed.

Hook: Hey girl, you know I told Neal about us...but we getting together, right?

Neal: I know you thought I was dead it's cool, but we getting together, right?

Emma: The only male I want in my life is my son...so lets go find him. NOW.

Charming was in the doghouse, but now they are picking out treehouses and shit.

Pan is one tricky little fart.

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