Monday, November 18, 2013

Did Almost Human Hook You Last Night?

Ok yes, Michael Ealy is easy on the eyes. 

So is Karl Urban. 

Lily Taylor and Minka Kelly aren't bad either, but I digress. The hype that Fox has put behind Almost Human made me nervous-it would be a right damn shame if the show sucked.

Luckily, it rocked!

Det. John Kennex (Urban) has just returned to active duty after an ambush during one of his raids in which he was the sole survivor. We are in the future, and crime fighting has changed a bit-every police officer must ride with a "synthetic", or android. The most current model is the MX, and Kennex hates synthetics because he partially blames one for the ambush debacle. After he rids himself of a MX, he gets a DRM model named Dorian (Ealy). DRMs were taken off of the market because they were considered unstable-apparently their design to be as human as possible made them unpredictable and emotional (duh!)

In this first episode, they learn a bit about each other, of course, and work together to prevent a crime (and a huge loss of life.) Kennex proves that he can still feel all the feelings, and Dorian proves that synthetics can have more to them than what's on the surface. 

There is a lot more to come from the show, and another new episode tonight before Sleepy Hollow! Mondays are about to even more awesome. I enjoyed this first episode, and I'm settling in for a good season.

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