Sunday, November 17, 2013

Book Review: The Edge of Always

The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never, #2) The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never #2)
We return to the story of Cam and Andrew, a young couple we first meet in The Edge of Never. Always picks up pretty much where Never left off.  
Cam is pregnant, and she and Andrew are in Texas for the moment. She is getting restless, however, and as always, Andrew can read her like a book. He whisks her away to her hometown to have an early baby shower with her mom and best friend. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes, and they lose the baby.
She tries to convince everyone that she is fine, but they can see right through her, and her coping skills turn toxic. Andrew decides they need to get back on the road, to find themselves again, find the magic that brought them together. 
This was a perfect conclusion to a true love story. Cam and Andrew have been through a lot separately and together, and despite their youth, they possess old souls. The adventures they encounter for nearly a year on the road solidify their lifestyle and their love. From singing on stage, to getting roofied, to mourning, they come to terms with everything that sent them into spirals in the first place-even finding closure on events that shaped them before they met each other. 
Through the course of the story (and even harking back to the first novel) Andrew and Cam make small promises to each other ("If I become a vegetable, promise me you will pull the cord." etc.) Their union makes you long for a love like they have for each other. Andrew is the ultimate mate-a perfect gentleman (until he isn't, which is also perfect), a perfect lover, and a perfect friend. Unconditional, honest, and relentless best describes the love they have for each other, and JA Redmerski writes in a way that makes the reader feel like a fly on the wall. You feel every emotion, and there are many as this young couple comes to terms with life-what they were dealt and what they make of it.
The end of the book gives a glimpse of the future, and I don't want to spoil anything, so I will leave it at this: The future looks bright indeed for these two.

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  1. I want to read this review so badly, but I'm nervous it will give too much away :) Yikes! I can't wait to read it!