Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Unscrupulous

This is book 2 in Avery Aster's Manhattanites series, and focuses on successful woman-about-town Taddy Brill.

Taddy is truly self made- as a red-head, she brands herself and her company in everything red. She emancipated herself from her wealthy parents at age 15 and besides her friends (especially bestie Lex Easton) she has been alone.  Enter mega wealthy Warner Truman. Warner married an older woman as a very young man, and 2 years previously she died from cancer. Having recently gotten back in the dating game, he fell victim to a money hungry con artist who tried to sleep with his brother. He is ready for real love and when he meets the mysterious Red at his exclusive club, he knows that he could possibly have found it.

After a misunderstanding, Taddy aka Red and Warner aka Big Daddy part ways without knowing who the other really is, or that they have offices across the street from each other in Manhattan, for months. However, circumstances prevail again, and the two are brought back together. Now, Warner just has to convince Taddy that he is the real deal, and Taddy has to learn to accept love.

This book was a surprise in that it ended up being such a sweet romance. Warner knew what he wanted from the start, and it was Taddy. Taddy had so much family baggage and abandonment issues, it was hard for her to not only admit her feelings for Warner, but to trust him and herself. However, this pair had a ton of chemistry, and their sex scenes scorched the pages! Warner is built like a football player and is apparently hung like a porn star. (Speaking of porn stars, there are plenty of jaw dropping have-to-read-to-believe moments!) There are a lot of secrets in Manhattan, and apparently a lot of love, too. Very strong entry in this series, I'm excited to read what comes next.

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