Friday, August 9, 2013

ARC Review: Beyond Pain

Guess what lucky lady won an eARC of Beyond Pain from Kit Rocha?

I fell in love with this dystopian erotica series in Beyond Shame, and have been fangirling ever since.
Beyond Pain did not disappoint!

Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3)

Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) by 

Beyond Pain focuses on the relationship between Six, a former captive of a sadistic Sector 3 leader, and Bren, the stoic O'Kane who rescued her. Six has stuck to Bren like glue since coming to Sector 4, and Bren has shown her that the O'Kane's are the real deal- male or female, if you want to work, you get a job. If you want sex, you find a willing partner. If you want to be an O'Kane, you bust your ass, learn to trust and accept your new family, and maybe you will be offered a chance to ink up.

Brendan has been treating Six with kid gloves. He has always known they were going to happen, he just wanted to make sure he didn't push her beyond her limits, and let her set the pace. As they are put on the job to clean up Sector 3, both of them have dark pasts to confront, and choices to make.

As usual, Kit Rocha knows how to write a hot, compelling story. The O'Kanes work hard and party even harder. The hedonistic girl-power/alpha male atmosphere in Sector 4 is a direct reflection of Dallas O'Kane himself-we get to check in on him and his queen, Lex, which is always entertaining. We are also introduced to Sector 3's extremely underground tech genius, Noah, who has a connection to one of the newest O'Kanes, Emma. The love triangle between Rachel, Cruz, and Ace gets interesting! 

Six and Bren have a powerful dynamic that is typical of the O'Kane way-strong men who want a strong woman by their sides. He trains with her every day, teaching her how to fight in the cage, and by extension, teaching her how to trust him and the O'Kane way. Their story is passionate, emotional, and most of all, hot-absolutely what I have come to expect from a Kit Rocha novel.

Between Eden, the Sectors, the Farms, and beyond in the wilderness, this series has so many places to go. I will keep reading as long as Kit Rocha keeps writing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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