Friday, June 28, 2013

ARC Review: Confessions of a Girl in the City

Confessions of a Girl in the CityConfessions of a Girl in the City 

This novella is about Toni, a young woman in London who is bucking family convention by pursuing her passion in acting. On Friday nights, she takes an acting class taught by the sexy Marcus. This is a sort of coming of age traditional erotica, told through the diary entries of Toni at the request of Marcus.

This novella should have been easy to zip through, but I didn't feel an instant connection to Toni, and I didn't feel an instant spark of eroticism like I would have expected in a novella. However, there was a slow burn, and once I decided to stick with it, I was rewarded by the experience.

Marcus was complicated and enigmatic and sexy, and yet the reader could still see what he saw in Toni through her musings. She possessed this sexuality that was bold, honest, and not innocent, but not jaded either. Her explorations through the class exercises made her grow as a person - she was a young woman mature enough to know where her experiences leading her, and yet she relished the journey.

At times hot, at times slow, this was still a good read. Fans of traditional erotica will enjoy this novella.

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