Monday, June 24, 2013

True Blood Recap: The Sun

I want to say first of all, great episode. I was obviously feeling ambivalent last week, but I'm glad I stayed with TB this week-great performances all around and a few twists.

However, there are some things that always remain the same. I know I always say that Jason is dumb as a bag of rocks, but it really runs in the family. Sookie meets a hunky injured fae in the woods on the way to work and decides, hey, it will be ok to take him home and care for him. This hunky stranger.  Who says you look like his first girlfriend.

Meanwhile Jason is chasing around Niall, the Stackhouse patriarch and Fairy Godfather (groan.) If I have to hear that all season, might as well turn it into a drinking game. But, it's Rutger Hauer, so whatevs. He teaches Sookie a cool new trick to defeat Warlow but the catch (isn't there always a catch?) is that because she is only half fae, she can only harness the power to do it once. Then she isn't fae anymore. So, there's that.

Can we just give a round of applause to the best babysitter ever, LaLa?

Anyhoo, Sam Merlotte is at work still trying to figure out how to do right by Luna by taking care of Emma. While Lafayette is waiting for him to bring the bacon home, he gets accosted by the nosy and brash Nicole (Jurnee Smollett!) who wants him to come out of the shifter closet. He tells her he ain't buying what she's selling, but she leaves her card anyway. She did a great job, because I really wanted to punch her in the face.

Later on, when Sam gets home and thinks he's safe for the night, Alcide, his bitch, and Martha, Emma's grandmother. They swagger-jack Emma from Sam, Alcide's bitch whoops LaLa's ass for no reason, and Alcide leaves Sam and LaLa in the dust. Did I mention this nosy bitch Nicole and her homies have filmed the whole encounter?
Bad Nicole! Bad Alcide!

Eric decides to meet this new governor face to face and learns a few things-humans have some serious fucking anti-vamp gunpower (as he pulled a UV round out of Tara) and they even have some other things on hand as well-such as glamour resistant contacts. Eric does his recon and flies out of there, because he is a G. 

Then he goes to the governor's daughter's room later on and glamours her. Why do ya'll fuck with Eric?

Also, this fuckwit was still running around with the amazing fae children:

These two really did a great job:

Jessica was freaking out while Bill was catatonic, and having a pow-wow with Lilith. What we know is that Bill is basically a supervamp with freaky powers that make Bill interesting and not what he usually is, which is boring. He scared Jessica to death, and I tell you what, she sold it to me. Her acting in those scenes, the sheer terror and wtf, yet the tenderness she still felt for Bill was all present. Great job! Also, Bill can see in the future. So, that happened.

All in all, I will be checking it out next week, and I'm actually looking forward to it!

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