Sunday, June 23, 2013

Complete Me: The Stark Trilogy Finishes Strong (An ARC Review)

Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3)
Complete Me (Stark Trilogy #3)
When we left Damien and Nikki in Claim Me, she had followed him to Germany to face murder charges against his old coach and abuser. Their bond stronger than ever, Damien and Nikki are shocked when the charges are unexpectedly dropped due to new evidence submitted anonymously to the court-evidence Damien never wanted anyone to see, and he hopes Nikki never sees. Now starts the mystery-who sent the evidence, and what do they want when they decide to make contact? Is it the same person who has been sending nasty notes to Nikki?

As always, Damien and Nikki absolutely sizzle off the page. He pushes her limits sexually and yet he is so honest about how she affects him in every way. They constantly refer to being in their "bubble" where it is just them, and no outside forces-paparazzi, exes, or evil demons from their pasts can intrude...and boy, do they try.

There are plenty of passionate sex scenes, but not too many where it feels the story isn't progressing. There was a great balance achieved here, and lucky for all of us Damien-ites, we get to see him use his masterful hand as well as lose his carefully structured control.

Jamie and Ollie are around and they are a mess. I would love to see more of Jamie (like with Bad Things by RK Lilley) but I have no idea if that is in the works. She is a great friend, despite all of her personal drama.

Nikki as always struggles with her cutting tendencies, and Damien as always struggles with his need for control and keeping secrets. In the end, they both make the ultimate sacrifices for each other.

Complete Me was a strong finish for a great trilogy. Damien is sexy as sin and Nikki is feisty as ever, and together, they keep you turning the page.  Until you get your hands on this book, follow Damien's advice and "Imagine me, touching you." 5/5 stars.

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