Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Falling Under

Falling Under Falling Under by Lauren Dane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some of my favorite books to read are about grown ass folks having a grown ass romance, and I loved Falling Under for this among many other reasons. Duke Bradshaw is a chill, sexy, tall glass of water with a hint of grey at the temples, and co-owns Twisted Steel bike shop with his best friend Asa. He has had a big time crush on his next door neighbor, pinup sexy redhead Carmella, for about a year. When an opportunity comes to have her work at the shop, he snaps it up and indulges his curiosity to get to know her...and much more. Carmella is not great about letting people in; her home life has never been anything nice and she takes care of a manipulative but unstable mother. Letting Duke in can be a disaster since he is her boss, her neighbor, and they have a similar circle of friends, but her attraction to him is real and she decides to go for it.

I love Lauren Dane's heroes. They are hot, complicated without being creepy, and fall insanely in love with their heroines. Falling Under is such a great read! I mean, Duke has a tool kit and knows how to fix stuff...and does it!! Insant ovary explosion right there.

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