Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ARC Review: Fire Me Up by Rachael Johns

This is a tantalizing tale about a biker who wants to ditch his one percenter past, starting with his new Aussie tenant, but he ends up taking her to his bed instead.

Billie loves New Orleans and has made her dreams come true by moving there from Australia and opening her gallery, mostly frequented by tourists just off Bourbon street. Recently her landlord (and president of the Deacons of Bourbon Street motorcycle club) passed away, and it wasn't long before the sexy and irritating Travis, road name Cash, arrived to tell her he was selling the building, and he was staying there with her until he could sell it. However, the situation ended up a bit more complicated than that, as Travis was named co-owner of the property with the remaining officers of the Deacons of Bourbon Street MC. Travis made a new legitimate name for himself in Florida, and is trying to get out of New Orleans as fast as he can. He has a ton of NOLA baggage and wants to be rid of the city, but between his MC brothers investigating their president's suspected murder and Billie getting under his skin, he may end up taking another look at life choices.

Billie was a great match for Cash; they were the definitive opposites attract couple with her soft hearted but strong willed hippie ways against his either professional polish or alpha gruff biker persona. They had some serious chemistry and heat, and plenty of sexy times. Enjoying this series a lot! Can't wait for more!

Friday, August 28, 2015

ARC Review: Code of Honor by Missy Johnson

Code of Honor is a hot romance with a stepbrother-like theme, topped off with some mafia action. Overall, I enjoyed it but the story does not end with this book, and it actually ends in a cliffhanger.

Pietro's parents were murdered in his home when he was 15. He knew that his father was involved in the mafia, but the ramifications of that didn't hit home until he didn't have a home anymore. He was taken in by Giovanni Spontagio, an associate of his fathers, and moved with him to Chicago. Instantly he fell in love with Lucia Spontagio, Giovanni's daughter. They were raised together as practically brother and sister, but Pietro always knew his place with Giovanni, that he wasn't considered family as Lucy (Lucia) may have considered him. What Pietro didn't know is that Lucy had feelings for him, too. When Lucy decides to buck her overbearing father's ways and move to New York to pursue ballet, he sends Pietro there to clandestinely look after her.

Of course, Pietro could only keep up that ruse for so long, and the opportunity for their relationship to happen outside of Giovanni's constant hovering is full of hot and sexy encounters, but a lot of love between the Pietro and Lucia. The sex scenes were plentiful and enjoyable! And of course, there were some dangerous moments as well, since we are dealing with the mafia, after all.

Lucia was hard to like at times; despite the fact that she was constantly bucking her overbearing (and dangerous) father's overtures, she still came off as a spoiled silly brat in some circumstances. Pietro was smart but sometimes not necessarily clever. There were some missed opportunities for him to rise in his own power. Together they really had some amazing chemistry, and their love for each other came through clearly. Code of Honor had some scorching moments and should be a good read for anyone who loves a secret relationship trope.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ARC Review: Bring Me to Life by August Kert

I was not expecting for a zombie to make me feel any emotion, and certainly not believe that he could fall in love with a human, but I became a believer in the sweet and sexy(!) Bring Me to Life.

The dystopian zombie apocalypse world that Bring Me to Life is set in has zombies in different phases; the mindless hordes we automatically think of, and then there are the Remnants, the talking, thinking, and more humane versions of zombies that have started to pop up. When Lyric gets captured by a group of Remnants with their own set of Renfields working for them, she knows that she will do whatever she has to get free. Immediately she connects with Anson, a handsome Remnant whose interest in her does not seem to be strictly dietary. They strike up a deal; she talks to him and helps him figure out memories from his past human life, and he will protect her on the inside.

Lyric's attraction to Anson is depicted honestly; he is pretty hot, despite the grey tinge to his skin, and Lyric fights with herself the deeper she falls for him. Repulsion, lust, confusion, it's all there and I appreciated that authentic touch from August Kert. Anson feels more and more human as he spends time with Lyric. He admire her fight and of course her beauty; he discovers lust and desire for the first time as a Remnant with her and quickly falls in love. Anson was written so intelligently; he has a wish to be great like the men he sees in the books at the compound's library. Even more romantic, he wants to be great for Lyric.

Is there a squick factor? Possibly, but Anson is so sweet, you can forget for moments that he is a zombie of any kind. Lyric is a strong, smart fighter and they make a perfect match. I was intrigued by the thought of a zombie/human romance and I think Bring Me to Life does a great job with the possibilities of such a match.

Monday, August 24, 2015

ARC Review: Tough Love by Lori Foster

Tough Love is a sexy MMA romance with a hero that isn't sure he wants a commitment and a heroine who has plans to change his mind, to delicious results.

Vanity Baker has had her eye on Stack Hannigan for a while and decides the best way to snag him is with sex (all men like sex, right?) She propositions him to be her escort at their mutual friends' wedding and in exchange he is guaranteed a night he won't forget. For weeks Stack was taunted by Vanity's hair, body, hell, her whole essence. When the night of the wedding finally arrives, more happens than either of them count on.

Tough Love was a hot read, with Stack as the giant alpha male with a code, and Vanity as the quintessential blonde bombshell who is looking for a person to call home. I loved these two together. Vanity calls Stack out on his shit constantly, but she isn't a nag or shrill annoyance. Stack realizes that Vanity is going to be more than a one night stand for him, and his territorial posturing with the other MMA athletes at the gym is hilarious. Of course there is the inevitable conflict, and I enjoyed how it played out. Lori Foster does a great job of creating strong characters, and the chemistry she creates with Stack and Vanity is at a constant smolder.

It's always nice to get a glimpse of the background characters, who were great support in this novel. The next couple from the gym are sure to be as hot as Vanity and Stack - I'll be there for sure!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Flash Bang by Meghan March

I am all for a lot of things this book is about; triad relationships, dystopian landscape, and tough as nails heroines. Rowan was raised by her doomsday prepared father with her sister and knew the moment when a strange electromagnetic pulse ended electricity, she needed to get out of Chicago and make it to to them in rural Illinois; her father had been training her and her sister for this moment for years despite the fact that Rowan thought this moment would never come.

Anyone traveling alone during the beginning of the apocalypse is in danger, but a woman even more so; luckily for Rowan she escapes the wrath of some "Deliverance" backwoods crazies into the arms of Graham and Zach, part of an organized group of ex military who are very well prepared for the new world order on a huge ranch. Quickly these three decide to embark on a menage relationship with the agreement that Graham and Zach escort Rowan to her family, however, plans change when outside dangers threaten the ranch and everyone in it.

I wanted to love this book more than I actually ended up liking it. The first half of the book was interesting and hot, but the last half left me a little frustrated; Rowan went from being smart, capable, and yeah, stubborn, to being infected with a little TSTL and a lot of dense. Maybe I just really empathized with Graham's feelings, but some of the finals conflicts didn't feel genuine, so the solutions couldn't feel as genuine either.

However, I did really enjoy the world, and as the first in this series, I can tell there are plenty more stories to tell. I'm interested in taking another look into the Flash Bang universe!