Monday, August 17, 2015

ARC Review: Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun

In Evening Storm, Ryan Hamilton is a Wall Street roller who stumbles upon a Ponzi scheme created by his bank's owners. Without hesitation, he walks into FBI headquarters and decides to share his knowledge; they make him an informant and that's when his ulcers begin. To play the part of the high rolling wolf who wants in on the scheme he makes sure he is seen with lots of noteworthy women, and when he wanders into Simone Demarchelier's exclusive lingerie boutique, he is instantly attracted and intrigued by her. So much so that he takes all of his women there; and so it begins.

Simone is a self made woman, despite the fact that she is part of a powerhouse family of designers in France. She wants to make her own way, and has been successful in New York. It's just that damn Ryan Hamilton keeps coming in with different women, and despite it all they have a connection that even she can't deny. These two strike up what can only be called a sensuous friendship. They are very careful not to cross lines, but they become closer and closer. And Simone can tell that Ryan is holding something back, but he won't tell her what it is.

Simone and Ryan are at their best when they are volleying quips back and forth. Ryan is used to hard work, but he is also used to pushing until he gets what he wants. Simone is strong and honest, and fights back with the blunt truth. They are very sexy together, and they have what seems like an epic romance, until finally Ryan calls her to be at his side during the most difficult time in his life.

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