Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ARC Review: Bring Me to Life by August Kert

I was not expecting for a zombie to make me feel any emotion, and certainly not believe that he could fall in love with a human, but I became a believer in the sweet and sexy(!) Bring Me to Life.

The dystopian zombie apocalypse world that Bring Me to Life is set in has zombies in different phases; the mindless hordes we automatically think of, and then there are the Remnants, the talking, thinking, and more humane versions of zombies that have started to pop up. When Lyric gets captured by a group of Remnants with their own set of Renfields working for them, she knows that she will do whatever she has to get free. Immediately she connects with Anson, a handsome Remnant whose interest in her does not seem to be strictly dietary. They strike up a deal; she talks to him and helps him figure out memories from his past human life, and he will protect her on the inside.

Lyric's attraction to Anson is depicted honestly; he is pretty hot, despite the grey tinge to his skin, and Lyric fights with herself the deeper she falls for him. Repulsion, lust, confusion, it's all there and I appreciated that authentic touch from August Kert. Anson feels more and more human as he spends time with Lyric. He admire her fight and of course her beauty; he discovers lust and desire for the first time as a Remnant with her and quickly falls in love. Anson was written so intelligently; he has a wish to be great like the men he sees in the books at the compound's library. Even more romantic, he wants to be great for Lyric.

Is there a squick factor? Possibly, but Anson is so sweet, you can forget for moments that he is a zombie of any kind. Lyric is a strong, smart fighter and they make a perfect match. I was intrigued by the thought of a zombie/human romance and I think Bring Me to Life does a great job with the possibilities of such a match.

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