Monday, August 24, 2015

ARC Review: Tough Love by Lori Foster

Tough Love is a sexy MMA romance with a hero that isn't sure he wants a commitment and a heroine who has plans to change his mind, to delicious results.

Vanity Baker has had her eye on Stack Hannigan for a while and decides the best way to snag him is with sex (all men like sex, right?) She propositions him to be her escort at their mutual friends' wedding and in exchange he is guaranteed a night he won't forget. For weeks Stack was taunted by Vanity's hair, body, hell, her whole essence. When the night of the wedding finally arrives, more happens than either of them count on.

Tough Love was a hot read, with Stack as the giant alpha male with a code, and Vanity as the quintessential blonde bombshell who is looking for a person to call home. I loved these two together. Vanity calls Stack out on his shit constantly, but she isn't a nag or shrill annoyance. Stack realizes that Vanity is going to be more than a one night stand for him, and his territorial posturing with the other MMA athletes at the gym is hilarious. Of course there is the inevitable conflict, and I enjoyed how it played out. Lori Foster does a great job of creating strong characters, and the chemistry she creates with Stack and Vanity is at a constant smolder.

It's always nice to get a glimpse of the background characters, who were great support in this novel. The next couple from the gym are sure to be as hot as Vanity and Stack - I'll be there for sure!

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