Friday, August 28, 2015

ARC Review: Code of Honor by Missy Johnson

Code of Honor is a hot romance with a stepbrother-like theme, topped off with some mafia action. Overall, I enjoyed it but the story does not end with this book, and it actually ends in a cliffhanger.

Pietro's parents were murdered in his home when he was 15. He knew that his father was involved in the mafia, but the ramifications of that didn't hit home until he didn't have a home anymore. He was taken in by Giovanni Spontagio, an associate of his fathers, and moved with him to Chicago. Instantly he fell in love with Lucia Spontagio, Giovanni's daughter. They were raised together as practically brother and sister, but Pietro always knew his place with Giovanni, that he wasn't considered family as Lucy (Lucia) may have considered him. What Pietro didn't know is that Lucy had feelings for him, too. When Lucy decides to buck her overbearing father's ways and move to New York to pursue ballet, he sends Pietro there to clandestinely look after her.

Of course, Pietro could only keep up that ruse for so long, and the opportunity for their relationship to happen outside of Giovanni's constant hovering is full of hot and sexy encounters, but a lot of love between the Pietro and Lucia. The sex scenes were plentiful and enjoyable! And of course, there were some dangerous moments as well, since we are dealing with the mafia, after all.

Lucia was hard to like at times; despite the fact that she was constantly bucking her overbearing (and dangerous) father's overtures, she still came off as a spoiled silly brat in some circumstances. Pietro was smart but sometimes not necessarily clever. There were some missed opportunities for him to rise in his own power. Together they really had some amazing chemistry, and their love for each other came through clearly. Code of Honor had some scorching moments and should be a good read for anyone who loves a secret relationship trope.

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