Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ARC Review: Soul of Smoke by Caitlyn McFarland

Kai is a tiny sprite of a person who loves to challenge herself with extreme activities such as rock climbing. On a hiking trip with her best friend they discover a woman badly injured. While her friend runs to get help, Kai ends up helping the woman to her camp where she discovers a fight between two warring factions of dragons. From then on Kai is swept into a secret world of dragons, magic, and war. Along the way she ends up saving Rhys, and as dragons are sometimes known to do with humans, they become heartsworn. Being heartsworn means Rhys is more powerful, but only if Kai complets the bond.

This is an epic adventure of a whirlwind week in the life of an adrenaline junkie and an ancient diverse group of dragons. They are fighting for the greater good of mankind and dragonkind together as their enemy would like to wage chaos and war for everyone and not hide dragons behind the veil of magic any longer. Rhys has a smoldering appeal that  Kai is helpless but to be attracted to, and Kai's loyalty and kindness fuel her attractiveness to Rhys. However, he won't deceive her about what it means to be heartsworn, as it is a lifelong commitment that would take her away from her family and friends.

This was the first part of a great adventure. If you enjoy fantasy and dragons, this one is for you.

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