Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Flash Bang by Meghan March

I am all for a lot of things this book is about; triad relationships, dystopian landscape, and tough as nails heroines. Rowan was raised by her doomsday prepared father with her sister and knew the moment when a strange electromagnetic pulse ended electricity, she needed to get out of Chicago and make it to to them in rural Illinois; her father had been training her and her sister for this moment for years despite the fact that Rowan thought this moment would never come.

Anyone traveling alone during the beginning of the apocalypse is in danger, but a woman even more so; luckily for Rowan she escapes the wrath of some "Deliverance" backwoods crazies into the arms of Graham and Zach, part of an organized group of ex military who are very well prepared for the new world order on a huge ranch. Quickly these three decide to embark on a menage relationship with the agreement that Graham and Zach escort Rowan to her family, however, plans change when outside dangers threaten the ranch and everyone in it.

I wanted to love this book more than I actually ended up liking it. The first half of the book was interesting and hot, but the last half left me a little frustrated; Rowan went from being smart, capable, and yeah, stubborn, to being infected with a little TSTL and a lot of dense. Maybe I just really empathized with Graham's feelings, but some of the finals conflicts didn't feel genuine, so the solutions couldn't feel as genuine either.

However, I did really enjoy the world, and as the first in this series, I can tell there are plenty more stories to tell. I'm interested in taking another look into the Flash Bang universe!

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