Thursday, August 13, 2015

ARC Review: Stepbrother Mine #3

In the conclusion to this erotic stepbrother trilogy, Mason pushes Dana to the limit to drive her away from him and his deviant needs. In his efforts, he ends up solidifying their bond even more, but there are still forces outside of their relationship that are making Mason want to protect Dana, even from himself.

As a whole, I enjoyed the series and this portion of the story had some of the steamiest scenes I have read in a while. The more we get into Mason and Dana's relationship, the more we find out that Mason's tendencies are not a passing fancy, they are the real deal and he has the goods to prove it. Stepbrother Mine scratches that kinky billionare itch that so many women have, and Mason is so sexy when he is being all alpha and cold (especially when his attraction to Dana makes him lose his composure.) Dana is a virgin, but not a clueless idiot, which I also appreciate so much.

Another sultry read from Opal Carew!

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