Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review: Queen Bee: A Bad-Boy Military MC Romance

Queen Bee: A Bad-Boy Military MC Romance Queen Bee: A Bad-Boy Military MC Romance by Simone Scarlet MMA
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was not familiar with The Knuckleheads before this book. There were a lot of gaps for me because I was coming so far into the series, and I can tell that if I knew the players, some of those gaps would have been filled in a little better. Gaps in meaning, not content - there was PLENTY of content.

Betty aka Big Bertha aka Queen Bee was the heart and soul of the Knuckleheads MC. Partnered with leader Coyle, they reigned for 15 years over a giant group of biker/military vets and lived by their own rules. One day, Betty decided to leave it all behind and isn't it the way it always goes that your past comes back to find you.

This was a colorful saga of Betty and her life. There is an HEA at the end, but I felt the HEA was missing in the book. What WAS in the book was everything else - shootouts, bedlam, lots of sex, hard living, almost rape, and lots of sex. I was certainly fascinated by the lives of the Knuckleheads and their motto: No one rides for free.

This writer has a particular style that readers will either love or not love. While I was engaged in the story itself, sometimes I would be taken out when there was mention of things like lady juices dripping down legs. In any case this was a wild, raunchy, and violent romp, just what you want to read in an MC book.

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