Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Review: Dirty Boss

Dirty Boss Dirty Boss by Crystal Kaswell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lizzy met Nick in San Francisco and had a hot one night stand. Fast forward a few months, and it turns out Nick is her new boss and is a tech titan. She needs this internship to stay in NYC with her sister and she has to convince Nick to let her stay on, going against his ethics of not dating the staff. Unsurprisingly (smirk) they come to a different arrangement - work and sex can happen, just with clear cut rules and no expectations.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot. Lizzy was written very accurately for her age - annoyingly so sometimes. She isn't 21 yet, so she was using fake IDs to get drinks. (Not my usual go to, but Nick was only 27 in comparison.) Nick needs control, but I liked how he also had a warm side to him, so that I believed his intentions later in the book. I'm new to this author so I would love to see if Lizzy's sister and her fiance had a book written about them!

If you love kinky billionaires, this is the book for you. Seriously hot scenes, and there are plenty of them! If you have read a lot of these kinds of erotic romances, there won't be anything new here, but it's still a fun, sexy read. If you are new to this genre, enjoy!

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