Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review: Do or Die by Suzanne Brockmann

Do or Die (Reluctant Heroes, #1)There are few series that tickle my fancy like the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann. Some of my fave characters in literature live in this world and one of my all time favorite romances was born here. (Sam and Alyssa 4ever!) Brockmann is an ace storyteller and we are given a gift to get back to the Troubleshooters world in Do or Die, a Troubleshooters spin off and the first of the Reluctant Heroes series.

Everything you love about Brockmann if you are familiar with her writing is there: Sexy conflicted hero, sexy intelligent heroine, high stakes live-or-die action, outstanding supporting characters, and insane chemistry all around. The story goes like this: Ian Dunn is in jail. After years of dodging capture, the former Special Ops Navy Seal suspected of sophisticated international heists is behind bars for incidents resulting from a drunken night on the town, of all things. However, the US government needs his expertise. They want him to break into a foreign embassy and rescue two children who have been kidnapped by their crazy nationalist father. He is using the children as bait to get their mother, a scientist, to go back to his country and create really bad things. Ian's assigned attorney Phoebe is brand new to his case. The attorney who would normally handle his case has been hospitalized and she isn't privy to any of the things she should be privy to regarding Ian's case. Phoebe is sharp (most of the time) but sometimes has an episode of TSTL when she takes for granted the dangerous game that is being played. Ian is as hot, complicated, and goldenboy good but dirtyboy bad at the same time. A great read.

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