Monday, May 20, 2013

Game of Thrones Recap:Second Sons

1. Cercei Lannister is just bangin' mad, all the damn time. "Call me sister again and I will have you strangled in your sleep." WTF? And then later,"Nobody cares, Loras." Well. Sounds like someone is bitter. LOL
2. Gendry, you poor pitiful fool. What kind of pervert is the Lord of Light that Melisandre always has to be naked/doing the nasty with somebody? Three names in the fire pit...we'll see what that means...

3. Tyrion and Sansa-I hated Sansa a little less this week.(Because of a slight variation from the book to screen.) Joffrey got her alone and super-clowned her.
Tyrion, being the awesome badass that he is, not only threatened Joff in front of everybody, but managed to save Sansa the embarrassment of a bedding ceremony in more ways than one. (This gif never gets old.)

4. Tyrion and Shae- another reason why Tyrion's pimp hand is strong is how he manages to pacify his girlfriend, who happens to be his wife's handmaiden.
5. So Samwell Tarly killed a white walker, and then left the weapon behind that did it?
6. Daenerys Targaryen is on a roll once again this week. Basically, "If you smell something stinking, it's me, cuz I'm the shit." Boom! And collected two heads in the process.
(Found this gem here:

I'll leave you with this:


  1. Love the recap. Now, did you add the captions to the pictures? If so, those are perfect. The one from Joffrey to Sansa is especially WRONG!!! Jaime

  2. Sometimes I do them, sometimes I find them. This post I did Joff/Sansa and Cersei/Margaery.