Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Swings by Corbin Lewars

Some working women want it all; a fulfilling job, the perfect family, a great marriage. Stay at home mom Sadie has her world view expanded significantly when she meets John, a stay at home dad in a parent group of seemingly judgemental moms. He appears to have it all together; his daughter always looks great, he looks great himself, he is always out and about, and he never forgets anything in his diaper bag. He has a wife who works. He also has a girlfriend, and it looks as if he and his girlfriend may be seriously into Sadie. But is she into them?

Sadie's mid-mother crisis hits any mom who is at home and feels guilty about wanting to return to work. While this book doesn't answer questions about staying home versus being a working mom, the overall theme that I loved in reading it was that it was okay to make the choice that was best for you. Another theme was that if you have a partner, let them be a part of the process of bonding with your baby. Partners should be best friends, and adding a child in the mix tests your friendship to the max.

There were laugh out loud moments, seriously sexy moments, and extremely relatable moments for any wife or mother, best especially for those who have sought a walk on the wild side.

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