Saturday, December 20, 2014

ARC Review: Their Fierce Love by Ella Goode

Their Fierce Love (Motorcycle Clubs Book 10)In book ten of The Motorcycle Clubs series (and book 4 of the double teaming Death Lords MC series) Annie continues her budding romance with Easy and Michigan of the Death Lords MC. Annie is the only daughter of a devout small town preacher, and she knows that her relationship with the sexy Easy and the intense Michigan is definitely something he will not approve of. However, she is conflicted and feels that she can’t just leave her father and move in with Easy and Michigan without a way to take care of herself, despite the fact that Easy and Michigan would love to take care of her. In order to start a dialogue with her father about her dating and possibly moving out (even if she is 23 and doesn’t have to have permission!) the trio agree that she should come out to her dad as dating Easy, who is a hometown boy and well liked. Here is where the real drama starts!

Her preacher father’s sinister overtones in Their Private Need are confirmed in Their Fierce Love, and I think it’s safe to say that without spoiling anything. However, that’s all I am going to say. These three are hot together, and their personalities are a perfect match for each other. Annie is a wanton woman now that she knows the pleasures of sex, and one of the guys even jokes that it’s good there are two of them to keep her satisfied. Easy is, of course, laid back and a fierce protector; Michigan as always is quiet, intense, and looking for way more than a casual hookup. As the series goes on I would love to check in with them and see how their relationship has progressed.

Another great entry in The Motorcycle Clubs series!

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