Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: Everything for Us

Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3)

Everything For Us (The Bad Boys #3)

4.5 stars
This was a story with a strong theme of redemption, and the pages flew by as I devoured every word.
We met Marissa in Down to You as the jilted girlfriend of one of the Davenport twins and bitchy cousin to Olivia Townsend (whom Marissa was dumped for.) But life got real for Marissa in Up to Us, and her priorities changed drastically.

In Everything for Us, we see Marissa seeing herself and her snobby world through different eyes, and the harsh eyes of Nash Davenport. Their attraction is hot, nasty, and without boundaries...except Nash is bitter and angry about his lot in life and only wants tonight, not tomorrow.

Nash has been through hell. He has lived with his anger and resentment so long as a coping mechanism, it hurts to deal with the feelings he has for Marissa, especially if she finds out about the secret he is hiding from her. Feelings hurt, and family can hurt you the most-Marissa and Nash both find this out the hard way.

I loved this book. Nash could have been a real alpha-hole, but M. Leighton did such a great job of making him relatable,  and the same goes for Marissa. I really didn't like her in this book, and it is a testament to the author that I believed this turnaround in both characters. I also have to say, Nash is off the charts smoking. Most of their sex scenes are like hit and run car accidents, but you need a cigarette instead of an ambulance afterward. I don't know if the series with continue-it looks like this arc is complete, but there were a few other interesting characters that I would like to hear more about. Great read!

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