Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Hold Me Close by Megan Hart

You can always count on Megan Hart to tell a heartfelt and subversive story in the erotica genre, and for that I am grateful. In this tale, we have Effie and Heath. They were kidnapped and held against their will for 3 years in the basement of a psychotic man's house. There they forged a life long bond. There, Heath knew that he would love Effie forever. There, Effie knew she needed to experience more than Heath, more than life had given her up until that point.

Obviously they escaped and years later Effie and Heath are still in this holding pattern where they are best friends, and Heath's love for Effie and her daughter Polly (not Heath's child) is obvious with every action and move Heath makes. Effie is still looking for love elsewhere but when she and Heath come together, it's beyond chemistry. Heath and Effie know everything about each other, including where to bite and how hard to slap. We know they belong together, but the real question is, will Effie figure that out when it's too late?

The current story is told parallel to the teens' captivity, as well as parallel to Effie returning home. Time jumps a bit here but it is easy to follow once you get the rhythm of the pacing. Effie's story is complicated, messy, and full of triggers for some people. Effie's world in the present is finally reconciling with the past and she is facing those demons head on. Another great deep erotic read by Megan Hart.

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