Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: Grit by Margaret McHeyzer

Jaeger Dalton isn't a nice guy. As the President of his motorcycle club, he probably shouldn't be and definitely can't be, and I didn't really like him at all, so there we go. I have read my share of Alpha-holes, and Jaeger is definitely more "hole" than "alpha", but he also has to be a little bit charismatic in order to hold office. It's this bit of charisma that kept me reading, and this bit of an honor code that his club had that kept me reading, as well.

Phoenix Ward knew her dad left her with some problems, but she didn't realize how many problems until Jaeger's club rode in on her farm. They were trouble enough, but the club that rode in after them were the REAL problem. Her father's gambling and drinking had deteriorated to the point that he gambled away her precious farm to Jaeger's club; according to the other club her father had gambled away HER. When Jaeger offered her protection (well, he demanded she come with him) she really didn't have a choice. But she planned on getting on her feet and going on about her business.

Nix and Jaeger were quite the pair. They fought like cats and dogs, usually because he said something idiotic. Even Jaeger's MC brothers would call him out on his arrogance and lack of filter, which I seriously appreciated, but I did find myself chuckling to myself during some of these moments. These two are not star crossed lovers, nor do they have a pretty romance. If you are looking for a gritty, sexy read with an arrogant hero, this is a perfect read for you!

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