Monday, November 2, 2015

ARC Review: All I Need is You by Wendy S. Marcus

Neve James and Rory McRoy are not your typical romantic hero and heroine, and thank goodness for that. While it's not that uncommon for a tiny, petite woman to be a lead love interest, it is pretty unconventional for him to be 5'4". Neve is a dancer/gymnast and hopes to be picked up by Cirque du Soleil; Rory is a military man with what I call a "Mighty Mouse" physique. He is plenty strong and a Boston boy who is inextricably involved in his family's bar, and always has been.

While overseas, Rory finds himself the recipient of a pen pal letter from Neve, a woman who has no problem with her sexuality or owning the fact that she enjoys it. Their exchanges are hot and sweet at the same time; when Rory has some leave, Neve decides to surprise him, but a misunderstanding derails the beginnings of a hot relationship in real life for these two. Determined not to let that misunderstanding keep him from pursuing Neve, the next time Rory is home, he is home for good, and he decides to go for what he wants: Neve.

I loved these two so much. Neve showed the perils and freedom of being a woman who has her own agency. She has a close relationship with her brother, but for the most part her self worth was damaged at a young age. The opposite, Rory came from a place where he always new exactly what his worth was; his family was a close Irish Catholic family that ran a successful but busy bar in a neighborhood where everyone knew everybody else. He knew he was loved and needed but that could also be overwhelming. Together, these two made life make sense for them, and it was a seriously sexy ride. Great read!

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  1. Thank you Nicole!! (From Wendy S. Marcus)