Monday, November 2, 2015

ARC Review: Darker the Release by Claire Kent

Revenge is still the name of the game in Claire Kent's Darker the Release. We met Kelly Watson and Caleb Marshall in Sweet the Sin when Kelly organized an elaborate deception in an attempt to get close to Caleb. She needed to find out if he or anyone at his company was responsible for her father's murder. The plan was to make him fall for her, and that was a slam dunk. The plan was NOT for her to fall for him, and unfortunately for Kelly that is what happens. In Darker the Release the stakes are raised even more as the truth about her charade chases Kelly and the truth about her father's murder continues to elude her.

Kelly and Caleb are raw and carnal with each other. In fact, the most honest they are to each other is during intimate moments. Their chemistry is off the charts and hot to read. This was no silly caper; Kelly was on a dark mission and willing to sacrifice her feelings for Caleb to find out the truth, even as her growing feelings for him hoped against hope that he was not responsible for her father's murder.

Sizzling intrigue and sexy times - a great read!

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