Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jon Snow's Luxurious Mane: A Game of Thrones Rundown

This is a rundown for Episodes 1-3 of GoT's fifth season, late mostly because I'm gangster like Drogon and I drop by my blog to do a rundown whenever I fee like it. This is appropriately dedicated to Jon Snow's hair because it's fucking fantastic, much like this show, even if Kit Harington hates talking about it.

Stannis wants Mance to bend the knee, and he wants Jon Snow to make it so.
Mance is not feeling it. At all.
So Stannis kill Mance in a show of power. But Jon isn't going to let his boy Mance go out like a bitch.
Drop the mic, exit stage left.

Stannis is interrupting Jon all the damn time. Even while training up the next gen.
Then he sends creepy witch woman to get him.

She gets a little handsy.

No thank you, ma'am. Thirsty trick.

Stannis is pissed at Jon because Jon won't take his offer to take over Winterfell and get his name changed to Stark. Long hair don't care!

Besides, fucking Samwell Tarley nominated Jon to be Lord Commander and he WON
But there were some haters.

Jon had to prove he was no punk bitch. Like his father said, if you have to discipline someone, do it yourself.


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