Saturday, May 2, 2015

ARC Review: Slow Ride by Ruby Dixon

We return to the Bedlam Butchers, who of course do everything in pairs, and we revisit Lucky and Solo. Lucky is the first fully patched female Butcher and is co-Treasurer with her man, Solo. However, she isn't feeling the respect that her patch should be getting her from inside or outside the club. The guys in the club treat her like and old lady, and the guys outside the club don't see her as more than a chick playing dress up. To top it all off, she is pregnant and is freaking out about the ramifications of that while hosting her little sister home from college for the summer who does not like the MC lifestyle at all. Just as Lucky gets herself together, she and the club have serious club business to deal with.

I devoured this on one sitting and of course I loved it like I have loved them all. Solo and Lucky are sexy as hell together and this book seems like it's the lead in to the huge Motorcycle Clubs crossover event this summer. I can't wait!

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