Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ARC Review: Back to You by Lauren Dane

The Hurley Boys have all found love, but in Back to You, Vaughan gets a second chance at making things right. Although Ezra Hurley is still my favorite Hurley, I loved everything about Vaughn and his redemption tour to get back his ex-wife Kelly. Nearly a decade has passed since Vaughan and Kelly had a whirlwind courtship, marriage, and baby on the way. Kelly was a model with a domineering stage mother she was disentangling herself from and Vaughan was living up the recent success of being in the band Sweet Hollow Ranch with his brothers. They had an instant chemistry that kept them stuck to each other like glue. But mama bear Sharon Hurley wasn't keen on the first of her boys getting hitched without the family meeting his bride first, especially when the beautiful Kelly shows up with Vaughan with a ring and a baby bump to boot. The stars were aligning to make a mess of this marriage and 2 immature adults and 2 children under 2 later, Kelly finally called in Vaughan's bluff about filing for divorce when she finds him in a compromising position with a groupie.

Eight years later, Kelly has found herself dating a safe and responsible man who wants to marry her and that fact has finally woken Vaughan up to the fact that he may be letting another man raise his girls and marry his true love. So, he turns on the Hurley charm and tries his best to get Kelly back. When one of the girls gets seriously ill, he makes a deal to move into the guest room at Kelly's house until their daughter is fully recovered. However, the stakes change almost immediately and Vaughan puts Kelly on notice: he wants her back. Kelly puts him on notice, too: she is not taking his shit, and he has an awful lot to make up for.

Kelly's backbone was to be commended in this book, but so is Vaughan's groveling. To call their connection merely chemistry is almost a mundane statement. They have a gravitational pull to one another, but the past eight years have given them time to grown into their own and appreciate each other for it. A hot, sexy read with an adorable hero and an awesome heroine.

(Maybe one day Jeremy the manager will get his HEA?)

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