Saturday, May 23, 2015

ARC Review: Glimmer by Beth Kery

Glimmer has a simple premise at the forefront: a brilliant young MBA grad named Alice is recruited by the powerful Durand company to be part of their philanthropic camp as a counselor (and it gives them a chance to see her and other recruits at work before a small group of them are offered positions to work for their company.)  Alice falls in lust with the CEO, Dylan Fall, and they start a kinky clandestine relationship. However, underneath that simple premise is one more layered, a mystery that the reader is discovering the answers to at the same time as Alice.

The chemistry between Dylan and Alice is very hot indeed. He is the quintessential controlled businessman, but he loses all control with his lust for Alice. We feel his genuine affection for her as well, even as Alice pushes and pulls as she deals with her feelings for him. Their exploits are more than well documented, and while it seems silly to complain about the copious amount of sex scenes in an erotic novel it seemed to take away from the overall plot. Sometimes Alice and Dylan would go all night and we the reader went all night with them.

Overall the book was well written and I am a fan of Beth Kery's work. It looks like there will be a bit more of this story to tell, so expect some answers and some questions left open.

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