Saturday, May 16, 2015

ARC Review: Flirting with Scandal by Chanel Cleeton

Fans of the television show Scandal could definitely get into this juicy read by Chanel Cleeton. Jackie is a Washington D.C. native, born and raised amidst the scandals of politicians and elite. In fact, her very existence is a scandal; her mother is a Washington groupie who finds men willing to pay her bills or show her a good time, no matter their married or single status. Jackie wishes to stay far from her mother's lifestyle, and has made it on her own as an intern at a top political consulting firm. Nobody knows like Washington like it's native sons and daughters, and she has a natural gift to work the system.

Meanwhile Will Clayton is a young and hot senate hopeful who knows the rules - he needs to keep his squeaky clean image up if he plans on winning his bid. One day he runs into a tempting Jackie at the Hay-Adams hotel bar and all of the common sense he has flies out the window. Their chemistry is instant and ridiculous, but Jackie doesn't want to be like her mother, and Will has picked a terrible time to start dating a woman, especially one who won't let him get that close.

The scandals are plenty, the payback is plentiful, and the layers are thicker than an onion. Such a good, sexy read!

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