Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ARC Review: Playing Dirty by C.L. Parker

Playing Dirty is the first book in the Monkey Business Trio series by C.L. Parker, and introduces us to work colleagues/enemies Shaw Matthews and Cassidy Whalen. We get both sides of this sordid tale from the players involved and I'm still wondering how much of what I read wasn't dream sequence!

Cassidy and Shaw are both vying for partner status at their elite sports agency and their boss gives them the ultimate test: work together to secure hot athlete Denver for the sports agency and whoever gets him to sign them on as his personal agent will get the partnership. Cassidy and Shaw are both very good at their jobs. Cassidy is a successful woman working in a male dominated field; Shaw is a clever, sharp golden boy fighting for the top spot. Parker was able to let us see layers of these characters, which was nice and welcome, but I'm still not sure if I liked them. We do get a glimpse into the possible relationships of their circle of friends, who were endlessly entertaining and promise some fun reading in the future.

Cassidy and Shaw had some interesting chemistry. They were obviously attracted to each other but I was not expecting them to downright hate-fuck each. It turned a hot time into a cold time, and that left me unsettled, as did the end of the book. However, if a dirty talking, arrogant, and more complex than he seems man like Shaw sounds intriguing, then I say go for it.

3.5 stars

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